Fully Integrated Enterprise Suite for Travel Accounting (FIESTA) is the premiere back office accounting and management system for both large and small travel companies. It is a fast, flexible and affordable windows based system that provides greater accounting accuracy and comprehensive reporting.

Accurate accounting data is the key to any successful business. In this era of commission cuts and service fees in the travel industry it is even more important for travel company managers to have accurate sales and return figures at their disposal.

FIESTA is easy to use, and works the way you work. Not only will FIESTA make your life easier by reducing tasks which involve repetition and extensive labor but it will streamline the back office processes of your travel agency freeing up your accountants time to concentrate on more important tasks, like chasing receivables!

FIESTA is a flexible, easy-to-use solution which helps you enhance revenues, reduce costs and provide superior customer service by staying informed of the real picture of your company's finances.

With low cost of ownership and high return on investment FIESTA will ensure you can adapt your business to the changing market trends and always stay one step ahead of your competition.


FIESTA comprises of 6 major modules as follows

  • Transactions
  • Accounts
  • BSP Reconciliation
  • Asset Management
  • Cargo
  • Reports

All the modules are integrated as a part of software automation to streamline the travel agency’s processes and reduce the cost of operations. Each of the module mentioned above are described in detail in this section.


The main objective of the transactions module is to manage GDS Import and Auto-generate Sales Invoices for Airline Tickets, Non Air Sales such as Hotels, Car, Tours etc, Airway Bills and Exchange Order. It also helps you manage Refunds and Memo’s - ADM and ACM.

  • Fully centralized accounting solution capable of handling multiple locations.
  • Reduces operations, which involve repetition and extensive labor.
  • Easy management of your Air and Non Air Sales, Refunds and Memos.
  • Real time interface with Sabre, Amadeus and Galileo for fully automated invoicing.
  • Brings your front office work to the back office, making error-prone, and data re-entry unnecessary.
  • Facility to print multiple types of invoices for a single sales document.
  • Supports multiple Front Office users connecting from different locations.
  • Multi currency support.
  • Multiple services and multiple modes of payment possible on one invoice.

Accounts Module

FIESTA offers a very flexible and powerful Financial Accounting module that is capable of separately tracking income and expenses for multiple branches, cost centers and individuals within your travel company. The primary function of the accounting module in FIESTA is to maintain your books of accounts and handle accounts payable and receivable. FIESTA is logically designed and easy to learn and operate.

  • Double entry, straightforward accounting system.
  • Helps you manage your branch accounting and cost centers effectively.
  • Instant reporting for all financial transactions including invoice, receipt, payment, voucher and journal entries.
  • Each basic accounting document organized separately for easy entry and access.
  • Automated creation of Invoices, Debit Notes and Credit Notes.
  • Fast & simple method to close Foreign Exchange in hand.
  • Calculations for Gain / Loss on exchange and posting to accounts are automated.
  • Offers a fast, simple and flexible year-end procedure. You can also view accounting transactions for a closed fiscal year.
  • Generates Balance Sheet (Summary and Detail), Trail Balance (Summary, Detail and Comparative),
  • Consolidated and/or Cost Center wise Income Statements.
  • Easiest way to reconcile your accounts using point and click technology.
  • Complete visibility into status of the account reconciliation function across GALELIO.

BSP Reconciliation

FIESTA users save hours of time and effort every BSP period thanks to its exclusive BSP Reconciliation feature that compares your system records to your IATA report and flags significant differences in seconds.

FIESTA is the ONLY Back Office product in the Kuwait market to offer auto-reconciliation of the BSP statement in one single click. Using the simple import feature the BSP report is loaded into the software and compared against local system data. A clear, color coded report then helps the user identify and analyze tickets that are missing, not invoiced or have errors.

Asset Management

FIESTA has an in-built asset management module that encompasses all aspects of buying, using and maintaining assets throughout your travel company.

FIESTA offers secure central management of your company's assets. You know exactly what you have, where it's located, and who is using it. With FIESTA’s Asset Management module you can perform complex depreciation calculations quickly and simply, and generate accurate, comprehensive reports.

  • Manage Assets Cost Center wise.
  • Easy to use Graphical User Interface.
  • Built-in depreciation rules ensure you choose the correct depreciation method and schedule.
  • Automatic links to your general ledger enable accurate and on-time monthly depreciation entries.


FIESTA's Cargo Revenue Accounting module is a centralized powerful and cost effective solution, to automate and streamline the revenue and financial accounting system of your cargo/travel agency with multiple branches and cost centers.

  • Reduces the front office staff's workload.
  • Eliminates errors due to multiple data entry and manual calculations.
  • User Friendly, customizable, GUI Interface.
  • Complete inventory control and workflow of Air Waybill stock.
  • Provides end-to-end stock tracking and information on the stock balance for all the regional, branch offices and agents.
  • Automated multiple types of invoice for a single air waybill.
  • Assign jobs and costs in local/foreign currency to an air waybill.
  • Associate a job to a GL account to calculate the exact expenses and profit on a shipment and post them automatically to the concerned GL accounts.


FIESTA offers accurate, fast and comprehensive MIS reports which can be used for information analysis. The detail available in FIESTA reports will help you make better use of your agency's data to understand and drive business performance. All reports are easily accessed using point and click assisting company management in effective, timely decision-making.

  • More than 50 powerful reports which are split into Financial, Operations and Management sub-sections.
  • Complete transaction reporting for bookings, sales, and commission on Air and Non-Air travel products.
  • Drill down approach on various reports to view the transaction detailed transaction information.
  • Export reports as Adobe PDF, MS-Word and MS-Excel for customization
  • Send reports as email attachments directly from FIESTA.
  • Financial reports include Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Age Analysis Reports for Company, Branch or Cost Center.
  • Facility for Secured Corporate Reporting via the web.
  • Custom report builder to help you create your own reports on your own.


FIESTA is developed using the following computing software platform and database:

  • Front Tier (GUI): VB.NET
  • Middle Tier: COM + objects
  • Back Tier: SQL Server 2005
  • Operating System: Windows Server 2003

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