ERP Solutions

Our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, based on open source platform Odoo provides accounting, business intelligence, CRM, ecommerce, human resources, sales, inventory, point-of-sales (POS), puchase management, maintenance, manufacturing, project management, sales & marketing, , supply chain and many more functionality for any business sizes and verticals.

Each of the applications that is part of the suite have their own features are tied together, with a simple but consistant interface and reporting. Any new info - whether it is projects, tasks, contacts, products, or anything else - is added in a single page view that prominently lists the name of the item, followed by data fields that are relevant for that entry will be pre-populated by other info you have saved. For example, CRM data will show up in projects, or messages from any module will show up in the main dashboard. There are unique ways to view your data such as standard list, form views, and calendar views along with more specialized views like Kanban view. The Kanban interface gives you an easy way to graphically organize your projects, move your CRM opportunities and leads through their process, and much more. There is also a popular Gantt Chart view in the calendar and project management applications, to help you easily plan your team.

TRACOMS have solutions to simplify business challenges to empower industries.

Every contact and business relationships are important to us. If you need technical support, looking for any kind of IT assistance, want to discuss on difficulties facing or have questions regarding our services or products, please contact us. We currently empowers more than a hundred customers across middle east. Our specialized professional developers, technicians and support executives help businesses focus more on their day-to-day activities and worry less about technology.

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