Networking & Security

Networking and Security of your network has been one of the most talked about topics in the IT field. The increase in virus and trojans, and network hacking by professionals has resulted in a huge loss of revenues for many companies. We can help you in installing a secured network for your company, and provide you with security solutions - which includes antivirus, antispam gateways, firewall configuration or any other requirments. We ensure that your network is secured and safe from any external intrusions.

Our certified engineers make an exhaustive system design of your exisiting LAN/WAN configuration and create an exhaustive report on your current network and the security risks. We have partnered with the leading network security providers, and provide you with the required roadmap for enhancing the security requirements of your network.

Our Network Services include:

  • Security Consulting : Security Architecture Review, Social Engineering Testing, Social Networking Assessments
  • Penetration Testing: Web Applications, Network - Internal and External, Mobile Applications and Devices, Wireless
  • Information Security: Audits, Assessments and Incident Response, Threat Mitigation
  • Data Center: Assess your Business and Technology needs, Design a solution that matches your budge,Integrate the solution in your environment and system, Support the solution with a suit of managerial services

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