Software Development

We have experience in handling the complete life cycle of product development and have show cased it in our product FIESTA. Our software team can help you develop the applications based on your requirements. We follow industry standard Agile Project Management Methodology for our product development.

Project Management Methodology

At TRACOMS we have a standard project management process in place for managing projects that accelerates project start-up time, increases project speed, and makes project results more predictable. Some of the key areas of our Project Management methodology are as follows:

  • Requirement change management
  • Process planning, tailoring, monitoring, and auditing
  • Effort estimation and scheduling
  • Quantitative quality management
  • Risk assessment and control
  • Measurement and tracking planning
  • Project team planning
  • Customer communication
  • Configuration management
  • Reviews
  • Project tracking and closure analysis
  • Milestone analysis
  • Defect prevention

Programming Methodology

Our Programming methodology deals with the analysis, design and implementation of programs. One important methodology involves what is referred to as a "top-down" approach to analysis, design and implementation.

Our coding conventions ensure consistency; reduce rework and redundancy; reduce the number and effects of problems caused by mistakes; and aid code maintenance to a great extent. Some of the key areas of our Programming methodology are as follows:

  • Effective documentation
  • Code reviews/walkthroughs
  • Coding standards
  • Source code control/version control using Microsoft Visual Source Safe
  • Change management
  • Regular QA checks of all the above

Software Quality Assurance Methodology

At TRACOMS, we follow a model that ensures our quality assurance process is consistent with recognized standards. This model has evolved by continuously adapting to our client's needs and standards. Our SQA methodology outlines all the activities to be performed to meet the quality objectives from the customer’s perspective. We have an in-house developed, Web-based defect tracker to track and maintain the defect database. This tracker can be accessed by our clients to keep them abreast of the latest developments in their respective projects. Some of the key areas of our SQA methodology are as follows:

  • Defining test framework
  • Creating test scripts and test data
  • Defining reporting mechanism/system for test runs
  • Carrying out test runs in different environments

Software Support Methodology

Our support team continually strives to improve the level of service offered to customers. To fulfill this commitment and to satisfy customer needs, we are constantly evolving and enhancing the services we provide. We accept critical requests that need immediate action over the telephone and all other requests through our support website which is monitored throughout the day. Our Annual Software Support Plan includes unlimited technical support both onsite and offsite. This includes answering product related questions; fixing defects and helping our customers work with our products.

Software Upgrade Methodology

Our software suite will be upgraded through Maintenance Releases, designed to fix minor problems or improve compatibility, and Major Upgrades, which contain enhancements and additional features. These upgrades will be made available at no charge to any client covered by an annual software support plan relevant to the product initially purchased.

TRACOMS have solutions to simplify business challenges to empower industries.

Every contact and business relationships are important to us. If you need technical support, looking for any kind of IT assistance, want to discuss on difficulties facing or have questions regarding our services or products, please contact us. We currently empowers more than a hundred customers across middle east. Our specialized professional developers, technicians and support executives help businesses focus more on their day-to-day activities and worry less about technology.

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