Financial and Inventory Management System

Part of our flagship product FIESTA, FIMS allows users to manage their Financial information and Inventory related information in a centralized database. Accounting module that is capable of separately tracking income and expenses for multiple branches, cost centers and individuals within your company.

Key Features

  • Double entry, straightforward accounting system.
  • Helps you manage your branch accounting and cost centers effectively.
  • Instant reporting for all financial transactions including invoice, receipt, payment, voucher and journal entries.
  • Each basic accounting document organized separately for easy entry and access.
  • Automated creation of Invoices, Debit Notes and Credit Notes.
  • Fast & simple method to close Foreign Exchange in hand.
  • Calculations for Gain / Loss on exchange and posting to accounts are automated.
  • Offers a fast, simple and flexible year-end procedure. You can also view accounting transactions for a closed fiscal year.
  • Generates Balance Sheet, Trail Balance , Consolidated and/or Cost Center wise Income Statements.
  • Easiest way to reconcile your accounts using point and click technology.

Asset & Inventory Management

The in-built asset management module that encompasses all aspects of buying, using and maintaining assets throughout your travel company. FIMS offers secure central management of your company's assets. You know exactly what you have, where it's located, and who is using it. With FIMS Asset Management module you can perform complex depreciation calculations quickly and simply, and generate accurate, comprehensive reports.

Key Features

  • Manage Assets Cost Center wise.
  • Easy to use Graphical User Interface.
  • Built-in depreciation rules ensure you choose the correct depreciation method and schedule.
  • Automatic links to your general ledger enable accurate and on-time monthly depreciation entries.

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